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Laser Weight-loss Therapy

posted this on June 16, 2014, 07:01

Greater than 60% of USA's population is obese; basically 2 in 3 Americans are clinically overweight. The hectic life-style that many people follow today leaves no scope for exercise, and also the situation has been further compounded by easy accessibility to high calorie junk food. The good thing is that obesity and weight-loss are concepts which can be will no longer alien to individuals all over the world, plus an increasing number of individuals have started using dietary control along with other concepts for effective weight loss.

v3 diet dr ozWith so many weight loss techniques available, choosing the right weight loss method is becoming a significant challenge. One of the main problems with weight-loss techniques is always that most of the time there are many unwanted effects to deal with. For instance, non-surgical techniques like diet suppressants and weight loss pills usually have unwanted effects like stomach cramps and diarrhoea. In fact, the reason why conventional techniques like acupuncture are extremely well-liked by people is because there's no surgery involved, and as far as weight loss techniques go acupuncture is solely non-invasive.

Acupuncture is based on the original Chinese idea of pressure points. By stimulating particular pressure points, an acupuncture specialist can suppress the body's urge to overeat and may help an individual loose weight. Actually, acupuncture is utilized not just to suppress appetite, but acupuncture is also used to rid individuals from addictive habits like smoking. Although acupuncture is by and large effective, people have reported problems like pain and skin irritation after acupuncture therapy. The reason being obvious, acupuncture involves stimulating pressure points with the body through the use of needles.

A safer and comparatively recent development is utilizing lasers to stimulate the different acupuncture points with the body. Lasers have recently be a viable replacement to needles, and laser weight reduction treatment therapy is now available all around the US. To begin with, the lasers found in laser weight loss therapy are certified safe by medical associations the world over, also laser weight reduction therapy shows considerably faster results in comparison with acupuncture.

As well as suppressing someone's appetite, laser therapy also increases the metabolism from the body. A person benefits in additional than a single way from the laser therapy, and laser therapy is also being used for improving tone of muscle. While there is no conclusive study that will certify laser therapy as 100% effective in inducing weigh loss, folks have shown promising results after a couple of sessions of laser therapy. The greatest advantage undoubtedly is always that there is no sterilization of equipment involved, and laser treatments are a lot more hypo allergic when compared to traditional acupuncture techniques.

Regardless how good the surgeon, liposuction and similar surgical techniques almost always result in scarring. Laser treatments are a purely non invasive technique, and there's no surgery of any sort involved. One must remember that weight reduction techniques like laser therapy alone cannot induce weight loss and weight loss has to be a mix of diet control, therapy and use to function.